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Trader watch: OMP Trading and SyCoNnet – Ayondo

In this segment, Federico Bentley, Sales Trader at Ayondo details the performance, risk per trade and trading style of the two of the best performing traders at Ayondo – OMP Trading and SyCoNnet. An important point that comes through the discussion is that virtual traders […]


OPEC’s grip on oil prices loosening – IHS Markit

Spencer Welch, Director, IHS Markit markets sheds more light on the latest OPEC agreement, discusses demand/supply mechanics before concluding something that is undeniable – OPEC’s grip on oil prices is loosening. Key points: Price going to swing in $40-50 range, countries with high reserves would […]


Major Market Forecast – FTSE100, DAX30, S&P500 – IG

Caution and not panic is the watchword, suggests Josh Mahony, Analyst at IG markets while discussing the outlook for major equity indices – FTSE100, DAX30 and S&P500. All three indices could come under pressure ahead of the December FOMC meeting, where the policymakers are seen […]