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Introduction to Darwinex Labs

Juan Colon, CEO of Darwinex, sheds light on their latest launch – Darwinex Labs, which is their data analysis unit or can be referred to as a ‘laboratory’ of Artificial Intelligence in which their Quants team develops algorithms that can be shared with Darwinex traders. […]

Mark Johnson

Stock in Focus: Bellway

House builder Bellway said demand for new homes remained “unabated by any uncertainty” in the run-up to the election. The stock offers dividend yield of 4.1% and dividend cover of 3.8 times profit. Watch Presenter Mark Johnson discuss if Bellway should find a home in […]

Mike Ingram

The BoE policy dilemma – BGC Partners

The weak Pound hasn’t really boosted exports, so the much hyped rebalancing of the UK economy (from consumption to manufacturing) isn’t happening. However, the weak Pound and the resulting rise in the imported inflation have pushed the CPI well above the BoE’s 2% target. So […]

Bill Blain

The Unvirtuous Cycle of Destruction – Mint Partners

Bill Blain, Strategist at Mint Partners, says the drop in the confidence in the UK economy due to the political uncertainty could set in motion the unvirtuous cycle of destruction – high inflation (low spending) and low investment. However, the financial markets are still well […]