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Tip TV Education: Should hedge Funds prefer IQ over AI?

In the second part of the education segment, Trader John Mattingley and Ezeetrader founder Charlie Burton discuss whether involving the human element (IQ) at the institutional level would boost the return on investment. The panel also discusses the pros and cons of automated trading. The […]

Education 1

Tip TV Education: AI is not a magic pill

In the first part of the education segment, Trader John Mattingley explains that the State-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) strategies allows are simply not good enough to do what Humans can do – adapt as per ever changing market conditions. The returns from the AI strategies […]

Charlie Burton

$50K to $500K challenge – Ezeetrader

Charlie Burton, Founder of Ezeetrader is starting a new trading challenge – from $50K to $500K in three years. The challenge is on from June 22. Check out the full segment as Burton shares insights into his trading plan/strategy. The latest in UK equities from […]

Guy Shone

New research programme focuses on mid-sized firms

New research programme we are launching soon all about the UK’s medium sized businesses. The engine of the nation’s economy and leaders of these companies wrestling with issues like cash flow, capital investment, exporting and the route to and through IPO – are looking for […]