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Stock in Focus: RythmOne – Mark Johnson

RythmOne is on top of Presenter Mark Johnson’s watch list as he believes the company is best positioned to benefit from the digital advertising boom. He says, “The Company has been transforming itself into core mobile video and programmatic digital ad agency. That’s basically shifting […]


What is Ayondo’s zero balance protection policy?

“With the zero balance protection, you know exactly how much capital is at risk and that is more than enough security really”, says Robert Sijpesteijn, Sales Trader at Ayondo while discussing the FCA’s crackdown on the leverage. Sijpesteijn says users who cannot dedicate time for […]


Markets bid after Fed minutes – Tip TV

Alessio Rastani from and Tip TV Presenter Zak Mir discuss the positive action in the S&P 500 index and major markets, even though the Fed minutes talked about balance sheet normalisation. Rastani’s ‘Time Power Projection’ study shows the S&P 500 index is at the […]

zak - live market view

UK Equity & Major Market Analysis 25 05 17

Tip TV Finance is a daily finance show based in Belgravia, London. Tip TV Finance prides itself on being able to attract the very highest quality guests on the show to talk markets, economics, trading and investing, keeping our audience informed via insightful and actionable […]