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European banks: Lingering malaise – 7IM

Banking crisis continues to raise its ugly head every now and then in some or the other part of Europe. Every time the officials have been successful in kicking the can down the road via bailouts, funding etc. Chris Justham, Relationship Manager at Seven Investment […]


Trade the breakout in DAX – Colin Twiggs

In this segment, Tip TV’s Zak Mir and Nick Batsford discuss Colin Twiggs’ technical outlook on major markets. The key highlight of this segment is DAX chart which suggests a major trading opportunity lies ahead, given the index has been trapped in a narrow range […]


Jersey Oil & Gas: CEO Interview

In today’s CEO interview segment, Chief executive of Jersey Oil & Gas PLC Andrew Benitz talks to Oil Analyst Malcolm Graham-Wood to provide an update on Statoil’s completion of Farm-out process, company’s future plans and financing options. As I write, the Jersey Oil and Gas […]