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Education Charlie Burton 2

Tip TV Education: Best Traders have sub-50% Win rate!

In the second part of today’s education segment, Charlie Burton, Founder of EzeeTrader talks to Day Trader Ali Ahmed about the fine points of trading, the one being the risk: reward ratio and the Win rate. Ahmed prefers a risk:reward ratio of 1:3 and expects […]

Education Charlie Burton 1

Tip TV Education: Demo first before you dive in

The benefits of demo trading are usually restricted to three – understanding the platform, understand different order types and get the feel of the market. Day Trader Ali Ahmed believes tyro traders could sharpen their skills and work on the discipline via demo trading. Ahmed […]


Tip TV Education: Mean Reversion Trading

Mean reversion is one of the two ways of identifying and trading the turning points in the market. In today’s Tip TV Education segment, Dr. Corvin Codirla, Fund Manager and Founder of, talks about ‘mean reversion’ trading. Codirla says, “Mean reversion means finding things […]