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Finding winning stocks – HedgeMind

Lex Liao of HedgeMind details the company’s business model to Tip TV viewers. He is interviewed by Tip TV’s Nick Batsford. After watching this segment, viewers would realise that HedgeMind is not a regular stock advisory service in a sense that it tracks the hedge […]


Gold is still in a secular bear market – Nicole Elliott

Nicole Elliott, Technical Analyst and a Private investor explains in detail why she feels the safe haven yellow metal is still in a secular bear market despite having retraced 38.2% of the entire drop from 2011 high to 2015 low. Elliott details gold market technicals […]


Imported inflation, FX volatility is undesirable – Rabo Bank

In this segment, Rabo Bank’s senior FX Strategist Jane Foley downplays the optimism triggered by upbeat UK economy data in face of Brexit and warns about a potential slowdown if the exchange rate remains volatile …leading to rise in imported inflation. Foley talks to Tip […]