Europa Oil & Gas CEO Hugh Mackay updates Tip TV viewers about Europa’s markets of offshore Ireland and onshore UK. “The company is financed for 2017” says Mackay and adds that the focus in 2017 is to bring Wressle on stream, work on the discovery in Holmwood and start drilling in Atlantic Ireland. The segment is hosted by Malcolm Graham-Wood from Malcy’s Blog.

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  1. Tim McCormack

    I am a long term holder in EOG and have never seen the company so confident in its future. A confidence I share. Ireland will get active and sooner or later our assets there will be worth a lot to one of the majors. UK Onshore production makes our current SP look ridiculously low on its own and with a possible rise in the oil price above current levels EOG is looking at £3.4m a year operating profit.

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