Falanx Group grows 50% year-on-year, defends NHS

Stuart Bladen, CEO of Falanx Group talks to Tip TV Presenter Matt Brown about the company’s business model, stellar growth, plans to publish Full Year numbers at June end/early July. Bladen says the criticism of the NHS is unjustified.
Key points
Criticism of the NHS is unjustified, they have the best IT network managers who are very professional
Attacks like Ransomware are a regular event
Ransomware spread very quickly to over 150 countries and damaged nearly 200,000 computers across the globe
We provide pre-emptive service and also proactively react to problems like Ransomware hacking
Client base includes – financial services, government and significant parts of the NHS
GDPR regulation a welcome move
The need to defend against the Cyber attacks like Ransomware has never been felt so strongly across the globe. Watch the full segment to know if there is a permanent fix to the Cyber attacks.
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