Warren Buffet famously calls it a moat – the advantage that perennially great companies and brands have over their rivals – but can cities command this effect too?

The managers of the Schroder Global Cities Real Estate fund believe that they can and argue that by buying into the shares of companies that own a slice of the world’s best cities, they can tap into long-term pricing power.

Hugo Machin, Schroders co-head of Global Real Estate, joins us on the latest Investing Show to discuss the winners in its Global Cities Index and why he believes these locations are the key to future global growth.

Four Chinese cities now top the index. Hugo explains why this is, how London and Brexit fit in, and why companies such as Westfield are positioned to profit from the attraction of the big smokes.

Also on this final show of 2016, Simon Lambert, of This is Money, Richard Hunter, of Wilson King Investment Management, and Nick Batsford, of TipTV, look forward to next year and ask: Will 2017 prove to be a good year for investors?

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