Investing Show: Tips to choose the best funds for your Isa

Why a stock market fall could be good
The stock market has hit another series of record highs in recent weeks, but would it be better for investors if it fell now?
Richard Hunter, of Wilson King IM, explains to Simon Lambert, of This is Money, and Nick Batsford, of TipTV, why a dip now could avoid more pain further down the line.
Part 2:
How do you decide on a good fund or investment trust to invest in?
Picking funds is one of the jobs of Schroders’ head of multi-manager Marcus Brookes, he joins us on the Investing Show to explain how he identifies the best opportunities.
Marcus highlights why simply picking what has done well recently is not a recipe for success – and how we chooses managers and funds.
He also explains why he believes the investing landscape has changed over the past year and that means that investors need to look at different prospects now.
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