Who should pay for dinner when one of you earns more and how do you talk about wills? Watch tips on those awkward conversations

A group of friends go out for dinner and one orders an expensive bottle of wine, while another doesn’t drink a drop of it. How should they split the bill?

Talking about money can be really awkward, but we have to navigate through all sorts of conversations, from who should pay for what when going out for dinner to talking about wills and inheritances.

So how do we do it? Are there any lessons we can learn to make it easier – and is it always better to have the conversation or are there times when it’s better to leave things unspoken?

On this episode of the Big Money Questions, family wealth mentor Diana Chambers shares her advice on tackling these questions.

She gives advice on how to control your money so that it doesn’t control you, how to talk about money among friends and how to talk about wills.

And finally, as someone who speaks to people of all different levels of wealth – some of them very wealthy – Diana answers the questions ‘does money make you happy?’

Diana has recently published a book ‘True Wealth: Letters on Money, Life, and Love’.

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