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Marc Ostwald

Bid adieu to BOE rate hike odds – Tip TV

Marc Ostwald, Strategist at ADMISI says the horrible UK retail sales number reported today is enough reason for the BOE to squash rate hike talk. Ostwald sees oil remaining range bound and calls USD/JPY a tricky pair to trade. Presenter Zak Mir and Ostwald also […]

Mike Ingram

UK Budget: Bump today, Slump tomorrow? – BGC Partners

Mike Ingram, Strategist at BGC Partners explains the possibility that Budget statement may end up being over optimistic about growth prospects, while underestimating inflation and negative impact of rising inflation on the economy. Ingram also talks about government borrowing and says BOE’s inflation forecasts do […]


Central Banks: BoJ stimulus..coming soon – Rabobank

Jane Foley, Senior FX Strategist at Rabobank discusses central bank outlook, need for structural reforms, and move from monetarism to Fiscalism. Highlights: BOE – Likely to keep doors open for further easing next year. Needs to see improvement in investment BOJ – Wants to steepen […]