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Newspaper Analysis: Bosses want ‘fake Brexit’

“Bosses join forces to push for ‘softer’ Brexit”, reads the headlines of Sunday Times on June 18th. Steven Steven Woolfe, Independent MEP says, “the Britain’s top business lobby groups want ‘fake Brexit’… the Brexit that enables them to have uncontrolled immigration.” Woolfe talks to Tip […]

David Buik

Brexit: What a mess! – Panmure Gordon

Panmure Gordon Senior Market Commentator David Buik talks about the Friday’s UK election debacle and what it means for the UK and the EU. The segment is hosted by Tip TV Presenter Zak Mir. Key points Hard Brexit isn’t pragmatic; the mandate for Hard Brexit […]

Eddie Tofpik

“UK will leave the EU”, says Tofpik – Tip TV

A significant majority of the market believes the odds of a softer Brexit have increased following May’s election debacle. Some in the markets have been wondering whether the UK will exit the EU. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tweeted, “I fear we are heading towards […]