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Chris Holbrook

Free Postcode Lottery – Is it really free?

Chris Holbrook, Founder of Free Postcode Lottery doesn’t take any money from players, and he doesn’t sell any details onto third parties. Players don’t buy a ticket instead they just sign up for free with their postcode and email address. Sounds interesting? What’s the catch […]

Bango Thumbnail

Bango revenue doubles, nears profitability

Anil Malhotra, CMO and Founder of Bango, a mobile payments company, says the company’s revenue doubled in 2016 as the company continues its expansion across the globe. Profitability isn’t far away as detailed by Malhotra. The stock has rallied 45% year to date. “The company […]

Ben Harrington

Bovis Homes is unofficially up for sale – Betaville

“Bovis Homes is unofficially up for sale and another party can enter the picture as well”, says Ben Harrington, Business Journalist & Editor at Betaville while talking about Bovis Homes rejecting a bid from rival Redrow. The house builder also received a bid from Galliford […]