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Tip TV Education: Avoid big drawdown via diversification

In today’s Tip TV Education segment,  Dr. Corvin Codirla, Founder of CCFX talks about finding two negatively correlated assets while constructing a portfolio so as to avoid sharp drawdown and amplify profits. Codirla compares the results of investing in S&P 500 and investing in S&P […]


Top reasons why traders lose money –

Alessio Rastani from discusses the three big mistakes – Overleveraging, Ignoring the major trends and higher time frames, Very tight stops – that lead to a big drawdown in the trader’s grubstake. Watch the full segments to know the simple, yet often ignored rules, […]

Paul Wallace

The Psychology of Trading – London Traders Network

Paul Wallace from London Traders Network talks about the psychology of trading – emotions and mental state that dictate success or failure in trading. Wallace is joined by Zak Mir, Presenter at Tip TV and Alessio Rastani from Watch Wallace discuss- Greed based trading […]


Tip TV Education: Strategies for trading the news

Markets can be very unpredictable around and during news releases. Trading the news offers you the opportunity to make large profits quickly if you are prepared and know what you are doing. In today’s Tip TV Education segment, Dr. Corvin Codirla, Founder of CCFX explains […]