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James Hughes

Is the Fed still data dependent? – GKFX

“There is still a lot of uncertainty about the US economy”, says James Hughes, Chief Market Analyst at GKFX while talking about the Fed’s hawkish rate hike. Hughes believes the Fed is still data dependent, especially when it comes to unwinding the balance sheet. He […]


May’s debacle & Yellen’s hawkish turn – Tip TV

In today’s opening segment, Alessio Rastani from and Tip TV Presenter Zak Mir discuss the way forward for PM Theresa May following last Friday’s election disaster and assess the impact of Yellen’s hawkish view on the markets. Mir says the “the Fed rate hikes […]


Fed’s narrative is starting to diverge again – Tip TV

Open for proactive from Tip TV on Vimeo. Marc Ostwald, Strategist at ADMISI says, “The Fed’s narrative is starting to diverge again” while responding to a comment from Fed’s Bullard that Fed’s expected rate hike path is overly aggressive. Ostwald feels Bullard’s take is quite […]


Has OPEC lost its Mojo? –

Has OPEC lost its pricing power? Is it no longer a swing producer? Is the world big enough for two swing producers? On the day of the OPEC meeting, Bill Hubard, Chief Economist at seeks answers to the pressing questions from Stephen Pope, Managing […]


Markets bid after Fed minutes – Tip TV

Alessio Rastani from and Tip TV Presenter Zak Mir discuss the positive action in the S&P 500 index and major markets, even though the Fed minutes talked about balance sheet normalisation. Rastani’s ‘Time Power Projection’ study shows the S&P 500 index is at the […]