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Mike Ingram

The BoE policy dilemma – BGC Partners

The weak Pound hasn’t really boosted exports, so the much hyped rebalancing of the UK economy (from consumption to manufacturing) isn’t happening. However, the weak Pound and the resulting rise in the imported inflation have pushed the CPI well above the BoE’s 2% target. So […]

Ben Kumar

Focus on BOE’s view of inflation – 7IM

Wage squeeze has worsened in the UK with the cost of living as represented by the consumer price index (CPI) having risen to a 4-year high of 2.9% in May. The central bank, in its quarterly inflation report, released early last month had said the […]

Nicole Elliott

Low inflation is hurting US dollar – Nicole Elliott

Fed is still expected to deliver two more rate hikes in 2017 then there is talk of Fed balance sheet normalisation. Despite all the hawkish talk, the USD and the treasury yields continue to lose ground against most majors. Technical Analyst and Private Investor Nicole […]

Eddie Tofpik

UK Inflation Review & Forex Forecast – Tip TV

In today’s opening segment, Tip TV presenter Zak Mir and Eddie Topik, Head of FX at ADMISI, discuss the rise in the UK inflation to 4-year high and the lacklustre reaction from the British Pound. The other trending topic this Tuesday morning is the jump […]


GBP/USD Forecast: 1.28 or 1.32? –

Watch Mike Ingram, Strategist at BGC Partners and Bill Hubard, Chief Economist at discuss the best case and worst case scenario for GBP/USD exchange rate. Watch the full segment to know- When will the BOE raise the interest rates? Is UK economy in stagflation? […]