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Marc Ostwald

Bid adieu to BOE rate hike odds – Tip TV

Marc Ostwald, Strategist at ADMISI says the horrible UK retail sales number reported today is enough reason for the BOE to squash rate hike talk. Ostwald sees oil remaining range bound and calls USD/JPY a tricky pair to trade. Presenter Zak Mir and Ostwald also […]

Peter Watson

Draghi squashes rate rise talk – Watson’s W.I.F.I

Peter Watson from Watson’s W.I.F.I joins Tip TV’s Zak Mir and Presenter Jenny Hammond to discuss major macroeconomic and corporate news flow that is of particular importance to investors/traders. ECB President Draghi tops the list after squashing rate hike talk. Other major news include- Unilever […]

Marc Ostwald

Don’t underestimate the Fed – ADMISI

ADMISI Strategist Marc Ostwald says in the second quarter, the markets could wake up to the fact that the Fed is way more hawkish than it was over the last two years. Watch this segment for more info on- A potential hawkish turn by the […]