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Tip TV Education: Avoid big drawdown via diversification

In today’s Tip TV Education segment,  Dr. Corvin Codirla, Founder of CCFX talks about finding two negatively correlated assets while constructing a portfolio so as to avoid sharp drawdown and amplify profits. Codirla compares the results of investing in S&P 500 and investing in S&P […]


Top reasons why traders lose money –

Alessio Rastani from discusses the three big mistakes – Overleveraging, Ignoring the major trends and higher time frames, Very tight stops – that lead to a big drawdown in the trader’s grubstake. Watch the full segments to know the simple, yet often ignored rules, […]

Education 2

Tip TV Education: Run your winning trades

In this segment, Day Trader Rene Muccio shares his trading strategy and his shortcomings, the most prominent one being his lack of patience/holding profitable trades. Running the winning trades and cutting the losing ones is the key to holding success. Muccio is making money, but […]