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Clive Lambert

Gold looks set to test $1320/$1340 – FuturesTechs

Clive Lambert, Director of FuturesTechs says gold is likely to hold the support around $1278/$1283 and extend the rally to $1320/$1340 levels. Lambert dissects the price action and presents his outlook on other major markets – FTSE100, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP. Watch the full segment for more […]

James Hughes

Gold Analysis: $1260 is a key level – GKFX

James Hughes, Chief Market Analyst at GKFX says $1260 is the ‘make or break’ level in gold and talks about the unusual action – gold and usd rallying hand-in-hand. Hughes says oil is being hurt by the rebound in Libyan oil supply. Watch the full […]