WTI Oil forecast: low-$40s in 2014, mid-$50s in 2018 - Argus Research

John Eade, President of Argus Research talks to Tip TV’s Matt Brown about the factors responsible for the recent rise in oil prices, Supply-demand situation and shares his view on the energy stocks in the US.
Key points
Current equilibrium price is around low $50s
With oil at $50, producers at Permian basin are well above the breakeven; Tar sands require $80-90, offshore platforms require around $70
Argus Research is currently equal weight on the energy sector
Scope for value investing in the energy sector – Chevron, ExxonMobil, Helmerich & Payne,
Watch the full segment for more info on – what could drive oil prices back to $20 and how one could hedge for the worst case scenario.
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